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Who We Work With

HART aims to serve the homeless of Citrus Heights with the goal of getting folks off the street and into self-sufficiency. The people we work with may be sleeping on the streets, in a car, or couch surfing; they may have been homeless for a week or for the last ten years. Our goal is to help Citrus Heights locals develop a stable living situation through connecting them with the resources they need - whether that be a homeless navigator or a winter shelter. Our mission is to provide resources that will enable at risk people and people experiencing homelessness in Citrus Heights and adjacent areas to become independent, self-sustaining and participating members of the community.

Our Volunteers

As a volunteer-run organization, we rely on the generosity of our volunteers to donate their time and resources towards the fight to end homelessness in Citrus Heights. Our members come from the business sector, schools, faith communities, and city government - to name just a few - to partner with local churches, government agencies, and nonprofits to provide services and support for those attempting to break the cycle of poverty.

Our Sister Organizations

Citrus Heights HART is one of three HART's, all of which are located in outlying areas within Sacramento County. Each group originally formed in response to a lack of decentralized access to homeless services. Many of the founding members of our groups started out working at soup kitchens or food banks. After speaking with homeless folks and learning about their difficulty in accessing services, community members got together to brainstorm ways in which they could help. The idea of a formalized yet open-ended group was appealing for its ability to maximize both citizens' bargaining power and flexibility; formalized groups enjoy more perceived legitimacy than an informal group might warrant, yet the group's intentionally broad mission allows for creativity in addressing a complex problem. Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, and Citrus Heights HARTs are united in their effort to end homelessness in their local communities; check out their websites below:

Citrus Heights HART Leadership

Ken Bennett
At Large
Sacramento Self Help Housing

Kathilynn Carpenter
Board Chair/Spaghetti Feed & Student Connect Committees
Sunrise MarketPlace PBID

Margaret Cleek
Citrus Heights Resident

Diane Ebbitt
Spaghetti Feed
Citrus Heights Chamber

Ardath Ferris
Chair Student Connect Committee
San Juan School District

Denise Hinkson

Irene Hronicek
Vice-Chair WS Committee
Holy Family Church

Greg Kaiser
At Large
Antelope Christian Fellowship Church

Katherine McBride
Spaghetti Feed/Student Connect

Stan Munoz
Co-Chair, Winter Sanctuary Committee
LDS Church

Barbara Olson
Winter Sanctuary Committee
Advent Lutheran


Connecting our homeless with available resources


Needs and eligibility for programs are identified and referrals gvien for support

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HART events are meant to educate attendees about available services

Featured Programs

Connecting folks with agencies that may help them, and shed light on the underlying factors that affect poverty

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